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So i am a member of multiple forums, Aquatic Plant Central, FlowGrow, Ukaps, BarrReport and all those forums are in english.

I've made a little tool; which outputs this:
30-11-2011 15:11:24 > Found 84 images in the post.
30-11-2011 15:11:24 > Trying to log on to FlowGrow ...
30-11-2011 15:11:25 > Retreiving list of images for album 1161 ...
30-11-2011 15:11:26 > No new images needed to be uploaded.
30-11-2011 15:11:26 > Here is your post for FlowGrow :)
30-11-2011 15:11:26 > ...

What does it do?
Right now my username, password and album are hardcoded. But this tool generally works like this:
* You paste your story, containing tags, in a textbox.
* You give the script your username and password (ghehe)
* It is able to load the albums you have
* You select an album (not yet ready) and you click "process"

Now the magic happens. It will scan your post, finds all images and checks the album on FlowGrow to see if the found images are allready there. If not, they are automatically downloaded from the internet and uploaded to your album. You can see the result in [url=]my build thread[/url].

* No sub albums are allowed
* I don't fully know which errors the board gives.

if some tech guy from flowgrow contacts me we might be able to integrate it into the forum.

Tobias Coring

Hi Gilles,

drop me an email :). Than we try to integrate it to flowgrow.

Sounds very intersting.

I understand that your tool syncs posts from other forums with the image gallery from flowgrow? So that you do not need to upload all images manually again?


Correct, it scans your textual post, and uploads the images to the selected album.
However, the "album" and "fullalbumimg" tags don't seem to make any differnce.. It still shows as a thumbnail.

It first downloads all {img}...{/img} urls to your local system, and uses the "Use filename as image" to determine if the files are already uploaded.

For instance; ... G_5070.jpg
Becomes: "IMG 5070" if you upload it to flowgrow and select 'use image names as filename".

Anyway, if you have "CURL" enabled on the server, it works for you. Drop me an email if you want me to integrate it together.

Tobias Coring


we have CURL working on the server. :)
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