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Back around in 2012, in my freshwater tank; i had ADA Amazonia (the so called "new type"). However it gave a lot of dust while replanting / trimming due to uprooting of the plants. Then i switched to ADA Power Sand L with plain filter sand over the top. The roots of my plants got a hold of the power sand, so even tough the dust was gone, now the power sand came up and this was ugly. So after some more experiments i went to Akadama, but this dusts even more, and since i would like to do EI this won't really work due to the buffering capacities of the clay.

So, I am thinking of going back to ADA substrate, because i like the color a lot and plants grew very well in it. The tank is about 160cm x 50cm deep; with height in my substrate i need about 72 liters.

The questions i have are:
1) Do i need the substrate additives like explained in below video?
- Penac W
- Penac P
- Bacter 100
- Clear Super
- Tourmaline BC

If so, what are the benefits, which should i buy and which should i avoid? I've read on this forum somewhere that one of the substrate additives should be used less then the suggested concentrations.

[BBvideo 425,350:2o62p1y4][/BBvideo]

2) Do you advise to use Power Sand?

3) How can i avoid dust while trimming
- Do i need to cut plants instead of uproot them?
- Do i need to stop my filter
- Do i need to lower my water?


Hello Gilles....???
To 1 and 2
Power sand "special" includes Bacter 100 and clear super!!!
If the other additives are necessary i dont know, i never tried them.

To minimize the dust while maintance.
Stop your Filter
Do everything what you want to do IN the tank.
When your ready, wait about an half hour, then start your filtration again.

For better understanding what the additives are doing you can read the ADA brochure on the english ADA site.
here´s the link where you can read the basics about the ADA products.
Hope thats enough for beginning.

Best whishes

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