ADA lampen DIY(Tu es selbst).

Tobias Coring

Hi Tom,

thanks for the update. Looks very promising and I love your driftwood :).


was kosten 4m ungebogenes nichtrostendes Rohr bei uns im Baumarkt?
Wascheinlich mehr als nur 1$ bzw 1€ oder?
Schönen Gruß, Jay


das ist dann aber ein sehr spezieller Wunsch genau die richtigen Rohre an genau der richtigen Stelle gebogen zu bekommen :wink:
Ich glaube das ist schwierig...
Es sei denn du meinst solche Rohre, die an den Enden Gewinde haben.
Dafür gibt es dann so Biegungsstücke zum draufschrauben, sind aber denke ich auch nicht in jedem Baumakrkt zu bekommen und warscheinlich auch schweine teuer :(
Was für Rohre muss man nehmen? Gut wären sicher rostfreie :?
Schönen Gruß,
der Jay


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wenn Ihr einen Klempner kennt,
einfach mal fragen, das ist ne Arbeit für die Mittagspause, ggf. kommen sogar Reste zum Einsatz ....

Gruß Wolfgang


also biegen lassen könnte ichs mir für ne Flasche Wein 8)
Aber die Rohre müsste ich selber kaufen.
Was kosten die hier bei uns pro Meter und welche muss ich nehmen?
Schönen Gruß,
der Jay

Tom Barr

Tobi, I'll fill it up in 2-3 more weeks.
The tubing is just the same pipe used for electrical wire protection in homes.

It's very cheap here in the USA.
It should not be that much more in Germany.
The 90 degree bend is really easy as well.

I use a similar set up on a client's tank.
Easy to move the light and change the intensity, or the placement front to back.

Tom Barr

Tom Barr

I use an Eco Tech wavemaker, ... dZViewItem

An iwaki RT40 pump.
An Ocean clear pleted mechnical filter, and an 18W UV+ another Biocore Ocean clear Filter run in parallel. Then in line heater, and a CO2 3/4" mazzei venturi valve for CO2.

I use bulk heads on the bottom, there are no siphon tubes on the outside of any of my tanks.
The Eco tech pump moves all the water very well and gives a very nice look to a longer tank.
It's gentle and will not harm even the smallest fish/shrimp.
And water changes(which goes to irrigation).

Here's the HC now after 3 weeks of "dry" conditions:
It's starting to grow rapidly, I have 3X what I had prior.

I will wait another 2 weeks or so. By then, most of the area I want covered, will be complete.

Tom Barr

Mario K

I try this in Mai 2007 in a small tank (60x30x30 cm) with Eleocharis acicularis, Pogostemon helferi and Hemianthus "Cuba". After a wile I get problems with mold/must (Eleocharis), dry leaves (Pogostemon) and Cyanobacteria. Do you covered the tank? I think an open tank could reduce mold.

Greetings Mario

Tom Barr

Are you using ADA aqua soil?
You can use clay mud as well.
I use sediment from a delta of a river which works very well also.
Generally no issues with mold at all with most people.

You need some air exchange, just like growing a terrarium.
See growing emergent Crypts on Jan's web site.

Growing aquatic plant emergent is a very old method and there are many methods, however, few have used their own new aquariums to do this, then flood the aquarium and add stem plants.

I have hair grass growing outside in a small tank, cuba etc might not fair as well, but I do have some of that, Gloss grows very fast under such conditions.

Simple seedling trays with soil work well if you want to grow plants out. The plastic covers from those seedling trays can be used to "dry start" just some areas inside a large tank also.

The method is very flexible really.

Tom Barr


Hey Tom,
a great Aquarium the wood ist great ,too
I´ll come back to look for you Aquarium .

I´ve buy me a second lamp for my Aquarium 80*40*30 I hope Hemianthus and co grow better .

Good luck for your aquarium.

Regards Henning

PS: sorry for my bad english=D i´m in the 7th class and have english in school .

Tom Barr

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The German researchers have a long history with this genus, however, one pof the best growers was an Old American, Bob Gasser which I never met, but talked to several folks that saw his operation in Florida.

Like many aquatic plant growers in FL, simply using the limestone rich spring water and slowly flow the water through the tanks added plenty of CO2 and PO4 and a little K+.

He used sheep manure mostly in pots with sand caps, maybe some peat, the vaults (Miltitary coffins actually) were outside and have shaded sunlight.

He used copper at high levels to kill algae as Crypts are fairly tolerant of most high metal ppm's.

BTW, I few old pictures from the 1990's on the Crypt's pages, see C lingua.
The 180 Gallon tank's HC has really grown it exponentially faster this last week.

I think I will flood sometime this next weekend or maybe the following weekend.

Tom Barr

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