(Week 2) Walstad Tank with Speedy the Betta | No CO2, No Fer


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Hi there,

this is the Week 2 update for my well planted Walstad tank with Speedy the Betta. I hope you enjoy my 4k footage.


I am for 6months now into this hobby and i really loved it!
I like Natural planted tanks & Provide an ecosystem where plants and fish balance each other's needs. so learned about it and created
my planted tank. I use organic soil and gravel, for plants i picked alot of fast growing.

I think my project look better from day to day and i love it, so i decided to share my tank to the world,
i hope you enjoy. I will update you weekly with new videos. feel free to leave feedback


[BBvideo 425,350:10pj7yia]https://youtu.be/FXoyyhm8VAU[/BBvideo]

[BBvideo 425,350:10pj7yia]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dFf24BsFQs[/BBvideo]

[BBvideo 425,350:10pj7yia]https://youtu.be/03zhFZImPPs[/BBvideo]
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