Nano Aquascape


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Hey Guys, Im new in Aquascaping World, and I really interested in Nano Aquascape because its simple and small. Any of you guys can give me tips about Nano Aquascape? i want to make Nano Aquascape which can be put on table, so it must be simple and small. . How can i make it without so many tools like filter,co2, etc ?

Thank You, and Sorry for bad english :)


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if you are looking to run it without Filter & Co2 you have to have patience, as everything grows slowly. Maybe the Walstad Method will provide what you need to know :grow:


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Walstad Method! That's exactly what i mean when i said nano aquascape. . i keep searching nano aquascape but it doesnt like i want to make. . thanks Thumper. . Do you know any good forum or information about Walstad Method?

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