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Hi all,
Thank you in advance for the time to read this.
I need some help with my scape. I juste started a mountain scape with 52 kg of seiryu stone. The tank contains 300 l clean and 200 l with stuff stones,... I have a real problem of kh fast increasing by one per day due to stones i présume.. The soil is jbl proscape plant soil and should normally lower the parmeters ph and kh. I actually have a ph of 7,2 kh of 8 and gh of 6. I well change 50 % of water two times the two first weeks. The tank has now 17 days. I always used reverse osmosed water non remineralized for this tank. The plants are actually well growing and no algues. Is the tank viables for fishes and plants at term using regular water changes. Do you think the soil is already saturated? Thanks for the time . Dont hésitate to ask questions.


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Hi Diwobs, a strange name that is, did your parents call you that?

the soil is saturated with what? Do you add any fertilizer?
Seiryu is known to increase carbonate and total hardness. Under addition of CO2 both increase permanently no matter what else you do.
A tank is viable for fish when the microorg population is big enough. It gets big enough by stressing the tank with food as hard as under fish population and after the good known peak nitrite level stays very low.
Plants may be added anytime IMHO. They won't get harmed by conditions toxic to fish just caused by food.

Regards, Markus

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