Echinodorus cordifolius question


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Hello everyone, I discovered this website because of UKAPS. I enjoy collecting Echinodorus, and I’ve noticed that many member here do as well.

I got some question. I have a tank that is 38 cm in height, as of right now I have Echinodorus palifolius which grow out of the tank as a focal point. I’m not really a fan of its emersed narrowleaf and skinny stems, and wanted to replace with the E. cordifolius instead. And I would like to know if E. cordifolius could grow tall enough to reach the surface top as E. palifolius do?
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Hello EchinodorusFan,

yes, the Cordofolius will grow out of your tank without any problems.
You could also take a closer look at Echinodorus Argentinensis. I find it even more beautiful than the Cordofolius and it also grows well out of the tank.

Greetings John


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I have the plant in the pond and it is even hardy. At the end of the year, the largest leaves have the diameter of a long-playing record. Normal is more water in the pond:
Colocasia esculenta could also fit, this is after thinning, otherwise they are denser:
If you want any, the rhizomes can simply be sent.



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Chiao Moni
I have the plant in the pond and it is even hardy. At the end of the year, the largest leaves have the diameter of a long-playing record. Normal is more water in the pond:
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Hi there, thank all for your responses.
Good to know that it could grow taller than I first thought.

If you want any, the rhizomes can simply be sent.
Thank you for your kind offer, but sadly, I’m in Thailand and not in the EU.


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ah, okay, sending Colocasia esculenta to Thailand would be like carrying coals to Newcastle.
In Thailand the plant is called puak.


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Hei Helmut...aber wenn Du im Frühling eins übrig hast, meine hat den Winter nicht überstanden :eek:
Könnte mit der schwarzen Version kontern.
VG Monika


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Hallo Monika,

demnächst würde besser passen, meine Mutter will iher terassen Colocasia nicht mehr (zugunsten von Moorkübeln mit Schlauchpflanzen und ich habe nicht mal was damit zu tun, daß sie auf Karnivore gekommen ist)
Die Pflanzen können bis zur Knolle zurückgeschnitten werden und so im Keller überwintern.



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Hello, I got a question.

I realized that my sword plant doesn’t look anything like you guy’s cordifolius.
I once owned a sword that many people believed to be Cordifolius, it only grows to be about 30 cm tall and gradually changes the shape of its leaf over time (probably due to humidity and lighting) So what exactly is the species/variaties of my plant? Picture of the emersed one are the same plant, the submersed plantlet (as seen in picture 3) are also from this mother plant.

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