Hello new here


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I dont speak Polish but I can translate the forum all input.
i found this forum by looking some rare moss of Vasteq at facebook.

Im from U.S.



Hello Herns :D ,
a warm welcome to Flowgrow, nice to have you here "on bord".
Wish you a good time with us :smile: .
Polish is not needed here, because we are a german forum, but english is ok for most of our members.
I am (we are) interested about pictures of your tank(s?). It would be nice to see something :cool: .
Please load pictures within the "Forum-Software", because it's not allowed to use links to extern picture-hosters (exept You-Tube-Vid's).
Greetings, with best regard,


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Hi there and welcome to Flowgrow!

Members from U.S.? Flowgrow is really getting multiculti! :D
You're searching for rare mosses?! This sounds interesting, I like tanks with rare stuff. As Matz already said, we like to see some pics.

Btw... vasteq is also a member of this forum. He is from poland, but as already mentioned, this is a german forum. Multiculti... :wink:


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Thanks for the warm welcome and my apology I couldnt understand the text so I thought it was a polish forum.

I can only read the forum post thru translating the text the first time it ask me after I log in.

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