Bacopa sp. "Colorata"

Hi All
I was looking for this plants for very long time, especially in Europe and was not able to get. I am happy to share first picture.


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Heiko Muth (Sumpfheini)

Aquasabi Mitarbeiter
Hi Alan,
thx, very good - that may shed light on the question if the "Colorata" is something really new or only a Bacopa caroliniana form that's already cultivated in Europe for a long time. Hobbyists here sometimes wondered if their caroliniana is a "Colorata" or not.
The primary info source about Bacopa sp. "Colorata" for me is the APC plant finder entry, and the photo from Tim Gross (also in the Flowgrow database: db/wasserpflanzen/bacopa-sp-colorata) shows a reddish plant though, but could be seen as a B. caroliniana grown under strong lighting. Your plant appears indeed more red than B. caroliniana forms currently known here.

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