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Postby Gilles » 07 May 2014 19:44

I recently purchased plants from and i decided to buy some Aqua Rebell nutrients to test them in a new tank. I don't do EI i just look at my plants to see if they are healthy. I have 2x (Profilux) LED lights above the tank so light can be seen as high-very high. I bought; Makro Spezial - N and Makro Basic - Estimative Index.
Reason for the Special N is the multiple sources of N, reason for Makro Basic is that it has almost all nutrients in it.

My tank is 400L and i wanted to start with;
56ml /week Special N - adding:
NO3: 7ppm
K: 1.4ppm
Ca: 0.7ppm
Mg: 0.23ppm
Urea: 0.7ppm

102ml /week Makro Basic - Estimative Index - adding:
NO3: 9.3ppm
PO4: 1.78ppm
K: 7.14pm

In total i will be adding/week;
16.4ppm NO3
1.78ppm PO4
8.84ppm K
0.70ppm Ca
0.33ppm Mg
0.70ppm Urea

Is this something that is a 'safe' dosage to do on an automated basis with dosing pumps?
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Postby Tobias Coring » 07 May 2014 19:52
Hi Gilles,

that should work together. Of course you should not forget a micro nutrient mix.

You can use Spezial N and EI with dosing pumps but please do not mix them. If you mix EI fert with the Spezial N you will get some nasty precipitations.

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Postby Gilles » 07 May 2014 19:57
Thank you for your fast reply. I dose micros with my own mix which looks like Tropica but has more iron in it.
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