Bacopa monnieri "Rundblättrig"

Aquarium suitability: yes
Usage: Background, Midground, Nano tanks, Street (Dutch style)
Difficulty: very easy
Growth: medium
See also: Bacopa monnieri
Availability [?]: 
  • frequently available commercially

  • Bacopa monnieri Typ I
  • Bacopa monnieri Type I

Habit, plant type:

  • stem
Botanical name [?]: Bacópa monníeri (L.) Wettst.

Major group (unranked): Seed plants: Flowering plants (Angiosperms)
Order: Lamiales
Family: Plantaginaceae
Genus: Bacopa


This Bacopa monnieri form has roundish leaves, in contrast to "standard" B. monnieri, whose leaves are longish-spatulate. It is exported by aquatic plant nurseries in Singapore.
The round-leaved form of B. monnieri is frequently used in Dutch-style tanks, but some years ago, Takashi Amano also planted it in some of his Nature Aquaria.

Light medium to high 
Temperature tolerance 15 to 30 °C
Optimum temperature 18 to 28 °C
Carbonate hardness 2 to 30 °dKH
pH value 5 to 9 
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 5 to 40 mg/l
Nitrate (NO3-) 10 to 50 mg/l
Phosphate (PO43-) 0.1 to 3 mg/l
Potassium (K+) 5 to 30 mg/l
Iron (Fe) 0.01 to 0.5 mg/l

Growth: medium

Propagation: Cuttings

Can grow emersed?: yes

Suited for outdoor cultivation / ponds: unknown

Winter hardiness: not hardy in Germany

There is no detailled information for cultivating this plant yet.
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