New Fert Regime based on Aquarebell Line + Kramerdrak

Nuno M.

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Hi everyone,

I've been looking around FlowGrow comunity and decided to change my ferts regime, you can follow my tank journal here for additional info: CrystalRiver Shore @ FlowGrow

My tank is 120x50x50 - 10mm Glass - witch gives me around 272l I have 20kg worth of stone and about 40-50l of aquasoil and decorative sand - So based on this I think I have about 200l real water volume ...

I used Flowgrow Fertilizer Recommendation for 200l for a tank with CO2, High light and plenty plant biomass which advised me to use 6ml Makro Basic - Estimative Index 6ml Makro Spezial - N and 4ml Mikro Basic - Eisenvolldünger

I've decided to go with KramerDrak because it was easier to get hold of and seemed to be a good Fe/Trace Mix

So a made my own batch of ferts:

Makro Basic Estimative Index
500ml RO water
KNO3 – 30g
KH2PO4 – 5g
K2SO4 – 2.14g

Makro Spezia N
500ml RO water
KNO3 - 12.95g
Ca(NO3) - 14.75g
Mg(NO3) – 8.8g
Ureia - 2.5g

KramerDrak - Spezialdünger - Pulver für 3 l Lösung with 3L RO water

So one week of new dosing regime with:

Makro Basic Estimative Index - 6ml daily
Makro Spezial N - 6ml daily
KramerDrak - 6ml daily

Well for starters i've noticed a greater growth rate compared to my previous fertilization :gdance:

And it's soon to tell, but the red is starting to appear on the stems :thumbs:

Here are the results of my weekly water tests:

dGH - 6º
dKH - 4º
pH - 6.6 right after CO2 goes off
NO3 - 20ppm
PO4 - 0.5ppm
FE - less than 0.1ppm :?

So based on this should I up the Makro Basic Estimative Index to 9ml Daily to up the PO4 ??

And KramerDrak should I up this to ?

I'm not used to such lean results :lol:

If anyone can advice here I would really appreciate :-/

Best Regards, Nuno Matos

Tobias Coring

Hi Nuno,

and how are your plants doing now?