Is this Mini Taiwan Moss


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Hi "dbaquariums",

I mean that's difficult to say, there's no size reference, and the resolution of the pics is too low.
The moss there is offered as Taiwan Moss (not Mini T. M.!), and IMO that might be correct. But I agree, it could be Peacock as well.

"Mini Taiwan Moss" is a little enigmatic for me. Apparently it popped up in Singapore. The only references that I know are a thread about moss ID on and the site
According to that the Mini Taiwan Moss is very similar to Taiwan moss (Taxiphyllum alternans), but a little smaller (no absolute size is given...), and its genus was IDed by Prof. B.C. Tan (Singapore) as Isopterygium. Differentiation between moss genera may be difficult and fixed to certain microscopical characters. I'm not sure if the original Mini T. M. (Isopterygium sp.) is available in Europe at all.

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