ADA 90P filtration and light question - Expert advise needed


I have had tanks for about 10 years now. All tanks i owned had massive DIY on it, just because i really like it. All plumbing in (hard) PVC, DIY CO2 reactors, most of the time DIY lighting (T5) and i even built my own 750 liter tank from Plywood with a DIY background which contained all outflow and return flow plumbing in it. It had auto water change via the sewer etc. I've attached some pics so that you can see my DIY skills, the link to the 750 liter plywood tank is here (Dutch):

The question:
So here is the thing; I've moved houses and i don't have the space (nor the time, with 2 kids) for such a large tank. Therefore i would like to switch to an ADA 90P. I have pretty much figured out everything except filtration and lighting. I will be using ADA substrate system but not their ferts; Potassium nitrate (KNO3) and Potassium phosphate (KH2PO4) and a good micro trace mix will be my main source of nutrition.

Question 1 - filter
If there is one thing i've learned is that with a tank that is running on high ferts and co2 you need proper flow. I know this might not be 'nature style' but i also want to be able to have a stem packed tank. So which filter should i take? The ADA SuperJet with 330l/hour (ES-600) or a higher model, like the ES-1200? I can afford the SuperJet line of filters, but (a) the filter will be inside the cabinet, 1m from my tv/movie listening position (as in; i don't want to hear the filter); and (b) Eheim filters are widely available here, including replacement parts and claim to have 3 times the flow rate (Eheim 2275) and they are about 75% cheaper if you compare it to the retailer price. I know i need to buy the clear glass pipe set if i go for Eheim, but still they are cheaper with more flow and (in my eyes) easier maintenance. Can you guys help me with a choice here, based on your own experience? I am leaning towards Eheim, also from economical point of view.

p.s. i've sold all my equipment when i moved and i didn't own a tank for over a year so i have to start from scratch.

Question 2 - lighting
So i want an open tank, preferably with wood piercing the surface. I don't know how crazy i will go here, but i need lighting. ADA AquaSky is not my kind of light since it is only 'white'. ADA Solar RGB and Twinstar RGB are more in line with what i want. Lupyled is way to expensive and i think competition has caught up with them (in terms of efficiency). Also i have the ONF LED light on my radar especially since they allow dimming. I need some help here too since i don't know what to pick!!

I am in need with somebody who has experience here! :) Thank you for reading this post.


Re: ADA 90P filtration and light question - Expert advise ne

Hi Gilles (is that your real name?)

The ADA Jet filters look like a more expensive eheim classic version to me. Keep in mind, that the newer eheim models have quick disconnect valves already built in. Makes everything more comfortable.
I have newer owned any of these filters though, I'm getting my first one this week and it's an eheim classic for a 20l tank ;). I've only heard good things about it, my main concern is the quietness and that it's leak proof.

I personally chose stainless steel inflows and outflows, looks better imho.


Re: ADA 90P filtration and light question - Expert advise ne

Hi Gilles,

welcome to the forum and I am sure you find the rights guidance here.

My view is on filtration you can do nothing wrong with Eheim as long as you operate with Glassware and transparent pipes/tubes. ADA way to expensive and if you hide them anyway what's the point.

Lighting: does it need to be LED? If not the classic ADA Solar I might be an option, I have that one above my 90P and I am very happy. Healthy plant growth and a beautiful light (in my eyes).

Liebe Grüße