Designer: Kalle
Size (L × H × D): 130 × 47 × 55 cm
Volume: 336.05 l
Glass Type: White Glass
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  • Aquascaping
  • Planting
  • Animals
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242 Days

Down by the Riverside

The aquascape reflects impressions of a natural riverside. The riverside is a place, where water and land come together and form very particular landscapes. The trees and the sky are reflecting in the water and near the water surface you can see fascinating forms of roots, stones, water plants and fishes dancing in the clear water. It is a lovely place to rest, particular in summer time. The aquascape invites you to enjoy a peaceful summer morning at a wild and scenic river side and hopefully provides the fish a good habitat.


IAPLC 2016 Winning Work #90

EAPLC 2016 Top Ten Standard #10

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