Aponogeton natans

Aquarium suitability: yes
Usage: Background, Midground
Difficulty: medium
Growth: fast
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  • Saururus natans L.

Habit, plant type:

  • rosette
  • tuber
  • rooting plant with floating leaves
Botanical name [?]: Aponogéton nátans (L.) Engl. & K. Krause

Major group (unranked): Seed plants: Flowering plants (Angiosperms)
Order: Alismatales
Family: Aponogetonaceae
Genus: Aponogeton


Aponogeton natans is a delicate Aponogeton species hailing from temporary stagnant waters in India and Sri Lanka, which develops almost no sumbersed leaves at all but produces mainly floating ones. Their lanceolate blades grow to a size of up to 11.5 x 3 cm. For this reason, it is a plant mainly suited for shallow open tanks with strong lighting. There its white, pink or purple flower spikes also leave a lasting impression. In nature, its habitats dry out temporarily. A. natans survives this period by laying dormant in its up to 2 cm large bulb. It probably also needs resting periods when cultivated in an aquarium. A. natans was crossbred with other Aponogeton species, which resulted in decorative, robust hybrids.

In trade, there are plants called "Aponogeton natans" with undulate submersed leaves, similar to those of A. crispus or A. ulvaceus. They are also sold under the vernacular names "false ulvaceus" or "Ceylon ulvaceus". Those possibly do not belong to A. natans. We'd be thankful for getting further information regarding these plants.

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