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Vivarium 2014

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The 6th edition of Vivarium will take place during the weekend of November 22nd & 23rd in The Homeboxx, Nieuwegein (near Utrecht, Netherlands). Lectures, workshops, showaquariums, contests and more than 100 different exhibitors are all combined in this event for the aquarium and terrarium hobby.

Two of the highlights of Vivarium are our aquascaping contests, for both we are still looking for more contestants:

Dennerle Scapers Tank Contest
The launch of the new Dennerle 35L Scapers Tank took place at Interzoo2014. Vivarium will be the place where 20 of these tanks will be sponsored by Dennerle to give aquascapers the chance to win one of these (and other prizes). The aquascaping for this contest actually takes place on the Friday before the event. The contestants can take all the time they need between 10:00 and 22:00 to create their perfect Aquascape. Vivarium provides the hardware (tank, light, pump, CO2 and heater) and sand as a substrate (which could be replaced by something else if the contestant brings it's own). The rest is up to the contestant.

From Saturday onwards, it is up to the public to cast their votes on what they find to be most stunning aquascape. All votes will be counted on Sunday and the winner will be announced in the official ceremony in the afternoon (contestant receive free tickets to attend this). There are still a few tanks looking for contestants.

Live Aquascaping Contest
For Aquascaping teams that are really looking forward to a challenge, Vivarium brings them the Live Aquascaping Contest. The concepts is as simple as it is challenging: turn a 80*60*50 aquarium into a winning aquascape within the time frame of 1 hour. Each team, consisting of 2-3 persons, is allowed to bring 1 item with them, being either one type of wood, rock, plant, soil, or any other kind of decoration. For the rest Vivarium will provide equal packages of plants and decoration materials.

In this concept, 8 teams will battle against each other for the honour of creating the winning aquascape, such voted by de jury chaired by Chris Lukhaup. We still have 3 spots open for teams to enter this contest.
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