Vivarium 2010 (27 & 28 March 2010)


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Vivarium 2010 (27 & 28 March 2010)

Unlike in Germany, The Netherlands never had a big event with a big part of aquarium exhibitors. It lasted untill three years ago, untill we decided it was time to get our own event, which has now grown to be the biggest event in Western-Europe, combining the aquarium, pond, paludarium and terrarium hobbies. Having that said, I must also say that over 60% of the event will cover the aquarium hobby, where also a large part focusses on the paludarium part.

Vivarium was created by a group of hobbyists who found it was time that we had a huge event in The Netherlands and not only in our surrounding countries (or more precise: Germany). It took us almost two years of preperations, convincing sponsors and exhibitors to get the show on the road. And we are still learning and finding ways to make our show match the standards as we would like to see it as hobbyists ourselves.

But from a first year's show on 6.000m2 to last year over 10.000m2, we are making quick progress. If all goes according to planning, the coming year will cover almost 14.000m2 of activities, exhibitions, workshops and lectures.

For the coming year we already have some great names that will arrange lectures on several topics:

Christel Kasselmann (Aquarium Plants)
Ad Konings (Cichlids)
Harro Hieronimus (Rainbowfish)
Oliver Lucanus (Amazing underwater footage from the Amazone)
Ole Pedersen (Plant expert from Tropica)
Willem Postma (Ban dyed fish)

In addition, several workshops will show the visitors how to get more out of their hobby:

George Farmer (Workshops Aquascaping)
UKAPS team (Several Workshops Aquascaping)
Patrick Temming (Decorating a Paludarium)
Tim Jacobs (How to handle dessert creatures in a Terrarium)
Vivarium Team (Seevral workshops on how to create stunning backwalls in aquariums and Paludarium)

But there will be more:
Live aquascaping Contest
Live Music
Entertainment for kids
Large exhibition of Aquariums
Special Shrimp Exhibition
Special Bearded Dragen Exhibition

To already start with the fun, we have two contest running already:
- Aquascaping contest, where people from all over Europe send in their creations to be judged to win great prizes and the best tanks will be displayed on big posters during the event (deadline is January 24th).
- Photography Contest, where people send in their best pictures relating to the Aquarium, Paludarium, Pond and Terrarium Hobby. The expert judges pick out the best ten which will be printed and displayed during the event, where the visitors choose the winner.

We are hoping to welcome you all, so you can experience that Vivarium is an event you cannot mis out on. We guarantee you a weekend full of hobby related fun, entertainment and new ideas.

In the mean time, please keep track on our website as well, where all info can be found. And most of it is also availble in German when you press the language flag on the top left.

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And before I forget the most important part: it takes place in Nieuwegein (close to Utrecht), which is about 50 minutes drive form the border with germany.


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We are proud to announce that Christel Kasselmann will bring copies of her new book with her and sell signed copies of them to our public!


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Yo can call it a hint or a sneak preview, but the question is:

what do this:






and this:


Have in common?


Come and see it live at Vivarium!

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