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    Starougyne repens aquascaping and trimming

    Then I trim with scissors: 2 weeks later: Regards, Tom Barr *** Flowgrow-Moderation: We are sorry - links are deleted - new forumrules. You have received a message.
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    DSM for HC

    DSM= dry start method Tobi is aware of this method but I'd thought I'd add it to his site to better illustrate the method to more viewers/aquarist. It is really easy to do and saves a lot of water changes, algae issues and labor. You grow the HC(or any other foreground plant) with the...
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    CO2 needle wheel injection methods

    This method is also borrowed from reef skimmers much like the Venturi CO2 method but may offer better results and less pump pressure requirements. It may be done like an external reactor or in line or in the tank itself. You may also modify an impeller. This seems to work very well and is...
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    ADA lampen DIY(Tu es selbst).

    Halo Toby, Some of the readers might like this DIY project: I used electrical conduit pipe, 1/2"(about 1.4 cm) diameter The tool is the pipe bender. I made two bends on this pipe to get the desired shape. This cost about 1$ for the pipe and 25$ for the bender. The...
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    6000 liter planted Discus and Altum aquaria by Tom Barr

    Here's an example of EI dosing methods on a tank I did for a client: The tank is 1600 gallons(w.sump) and 12ft x 4ft x4ft The client is getting things right, I still am working on adding a O2 controller and a special CO2 flow metering system, unlike anything seem in this hobby. He still...
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    CO2 venturi reaktor DIY

    Hallo, ... actor.html [hr] Dieser Reaktor kostet ca. 20 Dollar, da ein durchsichtiges PVC Rohr genutzt worden ist. Alternativ kann man natürlich ein normales 2“ (5 cm Durchmesser) Rohr nehmen. Alle diese Teile sollte man im nächsten Baumarkt...
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    A new method to start a new plant tank without algae

    I've been toying with a few ideas that are I suppose radical to most, but not really when you think about it. This method allows you to set the tank up flawlessly in the start up phase which is arguably the hardest and toughest phase of planted tank care. You can grow in many species of...
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    Plant habitats of California

    Here's a photo journal of the locations and habitats in California USA, I took at these pictures the last 1-2 years. Can you guess what plant this is growing in the Santa Ynez river in Santa Barbara? Veronica anagularis-aquatica! It's green in the aquarium but in very hard water and...
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    EI dosing, non CO2 methods, test kits, you name it.

    Hello, Tobi suggested I could post in English. I can back cross translation engines to check and translate without runing the languages(English to => German= then back to Enlgish again to check then edit where needed) I have been told many have questions about the number of methods I use...