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    Bolbitis Kidapawan "Mindanao"

    Another, next to Gua Angin, beautiful micro sized Bolbitis. Temp of grow similar to Cuspidata and Gua Angin. It has a better defined leaf edge than Gua Angin. The leaves also seem to be longer. Growing fine in my tank with parameters: KH 6 GH 14 PH 6,8
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    Anubias "Micro"

    Probably the smallest Anubias on the world. Comes from a Czech aquarist. For 2 years it has been growing in my tank under water in an unchanged form. Origin unknown. The appearance of the leaves can suggest a bit of Bucephalandra spec.
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    Bucephalandra sp. Batang Kawa

    One of the oldest Bucephalandra variety, pretty small and colorful. Young leaves are beautifully yellow (the picture may not show it clearly). One of the most beautiful varieties in my opinion.
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    Bucephalandra sp. Deep Purple from Kapuas

    The original "Deep Purple" from the Kapuas region, found in 2011. This Bucephalandra reaches a large size and has an incredible colors of leaves.
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    Fissidens Dubius "Toshua Houougoke"

    Fissidens brought many years ago from Japan from a collector. Long (4 cm lenght), thin but fluffy branches looks incredibly on a clump. Very easy to breed and relatively fast growing Fissidens.
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    Bucephalandra Moss

    Moss found together with Bucephalandra. It grown on Buce roots. Its shape is very interesting. Rate of growth is quite slow. It can become attached even to smooth surfaces.
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    Fissidens "Splachnobryoides"

    Es gilt als das kleinsten Fissidens der Welt. Bereits vor vielen Jahren aus Asien in die Aquaristik eingeführt. Durch die Fotos aus einem polnischen Zoohandel gewann das Moos die Herzen vieler Aquaristen. Bis zum heutigen Tag ist es eine außergewöhnliche Rarität. Oft verwechselt mit anderen...
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    Hookeriaceae sp.

    New, interesting moss, introduced to the aquarium by Crissred Roberto. It is characterized by interesting, flat arrangement of twigs with a dark core. It grows very well in all conditions. It grows quite high, up to about 15 cm in height. Despite its size, it can be very fragile. There is...
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    Fissidens Grandifrons var. Planiccaulis

    Planiccaulis it is still one of the most magnificent fissidens found in aquarium. Its unique design create dark-green branches and oblique stacked leaves. Its slow growth makes it very desirable moss. Could not be confused with any other Fissidens. One of my favourite moss.
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    Fissidens "Polyphyllus"

    Polyphyllus is one of the few kind of Fissidens that grows underwater in the natural habitat. Its unique design makes it one of the most desirable Fissidens in aquaristic, next to G. Plannicaulis or Fissidens "Bucephalandra". Its sharp leaves looks magnificent. On the market egsist another...
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    Jungermannia Truncata "Jade Lotos"

    Jungermannia Truncata is an interesting moss (probably liverwort), which was imported by me many years ago from Japan. It performed there under the name "Jade lotus", due to the fact that the tips of twigs looked like a lotus flower. Moss grows relatively quickly. Small curiosity for those who...
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    Microsorum "Mini Coral"

    Small microsorum, grow to about 10 cm of height. Leaves are similar to Triden's but the shape is more defined and they are shorter. ------------------------------------------ Kleines Mikrosorum, es wächst auf etwa 10 cm Höhe. Blätter sind ähnlich wie Triden, aber die Form ist mehr definiert und...
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    Anubias "Chilli"

    Another micro Anubias variety. Compared with Pangolino, Chilli has wider leaves and more visible cenral vein. Also the leaf is much more convex:
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    Anubias "Pangolino"

    Probably the smallest, so far, variety Anubias. The photo In comparison with another small variety Chilli:
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    Schismatoglottis "Pikachu" - vivaparity process

    One day i received a nice Schismatoglottis "Pikachu". And well... I could not keep it alive underwater, but I kept its leaf. I close it in a zip-bag with a small amount of water. So it turned out that after a few months it grew a new seedling on the leaf. Seedling produced its roots...
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    Riccia sp. "Dwarf"

    Einer der kleinsten Riccia-Arten:
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    Thorea Hispida

    Thorea Hispida was first found in Serbia in the river Danube at the end of the 19th century. This algae is included in the Red List of rare and threatened algae in some European countries: Poland - extinct species, Slovakia and Bulgaria - critically endangered species, Germany - vulnerable...
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    Hymenophyllaceae sp. "Andaman Island"

    Another interesting fern, higher than a H. "Peru", but much thinner. Also characterized by a faster growth than a "Peru". It grows to about 10 cm of height. Thin leaves have characteristic shape of the Hymenophyllaceae plants family.
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    Hymenophyllaceae sp. „Peru”

    One of the slowest-growing fern, found in aquariums for nearly 7 years. Probably it belong to the Hymenophyllaceae family. It grows to about 7 cm of height.
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    Microsorum "Spoon"

    This is a small Microsorum specimen. Interesting shape of the leaves looks like a spoon. Slow rate of growth.