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    Bucephalandra sp. Deep Purple from Kapuas

    Indeed this young seedling is still green and has turned bluish under the influence of the first fluorescent lamp that I have from the front of tank (it is not Led, only a T5 fluorescent lamp). The first pictures in previous posts shown a bluish mature, mother plant in normal lighting. I do not...
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    Bolbitis Kidapawan "Mindanao"

    Another, next to Gua Angin, beautiful micro sized Bolbitis. Temp of grow similar to Cuspidata and Gua Angin. It has a better defined leaf edge than Gua Angin. The leaves also seem to be longer. Growing fine in my tank with parameters: KH 6 GH 14 PH 6,8
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    Bucephalandra filiformis (B. sp. "Maligan", "Rosmarin")

    You wrote here that the emerged Rosemary (Filiformis) should have a stiff and slightly waved leaf, but nowhere I can find such pictures. What is shown on web is nothing like the description. So I've grown myself an emerged version of Rosemary: ... and indeed the emerged leaves are...
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    Anubias "Micro"

    Probably the smallest Anubias on the world. Comes from a Czech aquarist. For 2 years it has been growing in my tank under water in an unchanged form. Origin unknown. The appearance of the leaves can suggest a bit of Bucephalandra spec.
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    Bucephalandra sp. Deep Purple from Kapuas

    Sure, I have still few portion
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    Anubias "Pangolino"

    after 2 years under water:
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    Anubias 'pangolino' vs Anubias 'chili'

    Compare with another, probably the smallest in the world Anubias called "Micro":
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    Bucephalandra sp. Batang Kawa

    One of the oldest Bucephalandra variety, pretty small and colorful. Young leaves are beautifully yellow (the picture may not show it clearly). One of the most beautiful varieties in my opinion.
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    Bucephalandra sp. Deep Purple from Kapuas

    Bucephalandra Choclate Queen? I never heard about it. My has pretty violet shining on the leaf.
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    Bucephalandra sp. Deep Purple from Kapuas

    The original "Deep Purple" from the Kapuas region, found in 2011. This Bucephalandra reaches a large size and has an incredible colors of leaves.
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    Fissidens Dubius "Toshua Houougoke"

    Long time ago I received it from Russia or Ukraina (probably Konstantin Pokhomov. He was my mentor in Bucephalandra and ferns. Those were good times :)) and I did not think then about naming of this variety. I know that Dubius are broad and rather fluffy moss, but the name would indicate it...